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I have been a student for much of my life. I have often wondered if my attraction to being a student was a sign that I did not know what direction I wanted in life. Finishing college with a B.A. in History, I did not move immediately into a career. Instead, I took a job in a restaurant that gave me the flexibility to search for my next step in life. I explored a number of career options, including a life in politics, before responding to a call to further education. A chance lunch meeting with a former professor turned into an invitation to attend Clemson University and complete my M.A., also in History. Upon completion of my M.A. in History, considered continuing my education in a Ph.D. program, but when I was not accepted to my top choice program, I decided that I needed some “real-world” experience. I joined an academic publishing company where I excelled. Though I was not enrolled in an academic program, I continued to learn. I learned more about myself, about how to lead … [Continue reading...]

Introduction to Organizational Leadership: Gonzaga’s ORGL 500


Organizational Leadership was the my first course at Gonzaga and provided an introduction to the traits, thought processes, expectations, and outcomes of leading. In this course, I began to explore what I wanted and did not want to be as a leader, my expectations for leadership, and I began crafting my own vision of leadership. I found Freire's work to be the most challenging. As a white, middle-income male, The Pedagogy of the Oppressed, truly challenged my worldview. I began to understand the different approaches and worldviews that people use and I began to understand the role of oppression in crafting the world. This book was specifically included in the curriculum to challenge students and I found this approach effective. Wheatley's book also provided a great introduction to the challenges that organizations face in today's world. Her works helps leaders discover how to lead in a chaotic world and introduces the idea that organizations are living things that grow and respond … [Continue reading...]

Organizational Leadership

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