Remembering Ralph Davis Jr.

By: Timothy Brown

Late last month, one of the more interesting people in  Beaufort, SC passed away. Ralph Davis Jr. grew up on Wadmalaw Island and then came to the Beaufort area after his service as a fighter pilot in the Korean War. You can read Ralph's obit here. But, what I remember most about Ralph is that he was a storyteller. Ralph was one of the few white folks I've ever met that could speak in perfect Gullah and he loved nothing more than to tell a story using that beautiful, poetic tongue of the Sea Islands. If you've never heard Gullah spoken, you're missing one of the most musical and charming languages. Take a few minutes to watch this video with Queen Quet: Now you have some idea what my friend sounded like when he told stories. So, with that in mind, you should take a few minutes to read this story, written by Ralph last year, and reprinted today by The Beaufort Gazette. You give up a lot not hearing Ralph's tone, inflection, and cadence, but I hope you can see the power of … [Continue reading...]

More about Home Based Employees

From Flickr User EdgePlot

I spend a lot of time thinking about home-based employees, having spent the last five years working remotely from Beaufort, SC while my teammates and coworkers are located in Bethesda, MD. As I was thinking and planning this post, I looked back at some of my previous thoughts on this issue. I located this short note from 2009. I checked the links and noticed that my link that used to point to WebWorkerDaily redirects to the same article on GigaOm. That means WWD was folded into GigaOm, which is fine. What I found interesting was how GigaOm processed the shutdown of WWD. Fast forward six years, and these terms have all but disappeared. This once-disruptive way of working has become a matter of course for many companies in tech and beyond. It’s no longer “web work,” it’s just “work.” Work from home policies are viewed more as a standard offering than a benefit. Nearly every cafe you walk into — well, at least the ones with free Wi-Fi — are filled with people tapping away at their open … [Continue reading...]