Google Updates Profiles. Social Networking Next?

Back in December, I wrote a post called "Google's Becoming More Social" that explored a few interesting ways that Google was incorporating more social networking aspects into their basic services.  Google is forging ahead with further improvements to their services that increase the social networking aspects of their core services. The first example I used of Google becoming more of a social network was the Google Profiles improvements.  When I first wrote, Google had increased the quantity and quality of information available for display on Google Profile pages.  In the past few weeks, Google has further improved Profiles. First, they allowed vanity URLs.  Google automatically assigns a random number to your Google Profile and still does.  However, you can now change this number to your name, nickname, etc.  Not a huge improvement, but a step up from Facebook that only allows famous people to have vanity URLs. Google also allows links to your other social media sites by default.  It scans other Google services such as and and provides automatic links.  It also allows you to add Flickr, Twitter, Digg and many others.  You can also verify your name, email addresses, and add a bio if you like. There are tons of great articles out there that have more detailed information about these changes, so there's no real need to repeat it all here.  If you're interested in getting the most of your Google Profile, head over to Search Engine Land and check out this detailed article from Danny Sullivan.


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