Great Article in The Economist

Well, book review, but nonetheless.  I think the review is worth a read, and certainly consider check the book out at the library. I think it's important to understand the motivation of people when they give you financial advice.  That's why you should only use fee, not commission, based financial services.  You should also read the comments, especially this one.  If everyone lived by these rules, we wouldn't have many of the economic problems we do today.  I really like
4. Be courteous but assume everyone is trying to cheat you.
I think that's great advice for the news you read, the books you buy, and anything else related to your financial life.  Financial gurus are trying to sell you something, period.  Now, there are legit folks, like Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman, who are making money but are providing great advice that can really change your life.  But remember, they're not running a charity, they're making money from the books, courses, etc. It's especially true with financial websites and blogs.  I see blogs everyday pitching miracle get out of debt solutions, selling financial planning tools that only bilk people out of the money, and straight up scams.  And people fall for them, because they trust, and they so desperately want to be out of debt. So, on this blog and others, keep an eye out for what people's motivations are.  If you'll notice, all the tools I recommend are ones I use.  But, they are also affiliate links, meaning a portion of any sale originating on my site will put a few bucks in my pocket.  Other bloggers promote products that make money, without regard to what they use.  You have my word that I only recommend tools I use.  And, if you don't want to support the site by buying through my links, that's OK too, just Google whatever product it is and buy from there.  No worries. As you continue your journey to financial freedom, be skeptical.

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