Hire Eric

I have been a writer for over a decade, and editor for seven years ,a WordPress developer for eight years, an internet marketing consultant for six years, an adjunct professor for three years, and a student of organizational leadership for three years. I have built this extensive set of skills as a bit of an insurance policy. We live in a dynamic world and, for my generation at least, the promise of spending a career with one company is gone. So, I've built a wide skill set to insulate me from changes in the job market. As my wife's career requires occasional location changes, I've found it important to learn and refine skills that are location independent, that is, that I can do from anywhere in the US or the world.

Responsive Site Design

Growing out of a personal need, I started working with WordPress and other open-source content management systems about seven years ago. I have designed e-commerce storefronts, business sites and nonprofit sites. I have assisted blog owners and small business owners with troubleshooting and small repairs. I am not the least expensive WordPress developer, but my sites launch on time and they simply work. You can check out a portfolio here and then contact me  when you're ready to discuss how I can help you make your dream site a reality.

Content Creation and Marketing

Even before my graduate program at Clemson University in History, I spent years as a writer, both within and outside the classroom. In the fall of 2005, I joined LexisNexis as a writer and editor, responsible for creating historical content to accompany our microfilm collections. In recent years, I have transitioned to digital products, but continue to write and edit content in widely varied historical arenas. In the last year my focus has transitioned from traditional writing to content marketing. I cannot disclose my clients openly here, but can provide that information to you privately. For publicly available content, you can check out any of the content I've written on this site, on my triathlon site FitEgg, or check out my list of publications.  The publication list is incomplete and if a full list is important, please let me know. If you're interested in discussing how I can help your site, product, or business with content creation, please contact me.

Internet Marketing

Starting in 2007, I began teaching myself search engine optimization and search marketing. Over the years, I have navigated Google's algorithm updates and numerous changes to the search landscape. I have a special interest in local search optimization and helping small, local businesses find and retain customers online. I currently offer SEO and SEM services, though recently these services (and social media management) are rolled into a broader context of content marketing. Content marketing is the creation and promotion of superior content to attract attention and customers. This is a very soft sell and generally requires a longer sales pipeline, but creates a deeper relationship with clients. I only accept a fixed number of clients at once, so please contact me if you'd like to discuss how I can improve your internet marketing presence.

Social Media

Social Media is a unique opportunity to connect with customers and potential clients. Whatever you do, don't trust your social media work to an intern, your high schooler, or that weird cousin that's always in the basement staring at the computer. If you're going to do social media, do it right. Commit to it, create unique content, and take advantage of the hundreds of millions of people out there. I do not believe in autoposting content from your website to your Facebook page. I don't believe in buying followers or trying to create linkbait. Hell, depending on your business and your customers, I might suggest that social media is a waste of your time.

Editorial Project Management

During four years with LexisNexis, I managed a number of editorial projects, including monthly and yearly publications and digital and print products. In this role, I worked with internal employees, home based employees, editors across the country and in the UK, and contractors in India and the Philippines. No project ever missed a revenue target date. A full list of my projects with LexisNexis is available at my LinkedIn page or at the bottom of my Publications page. In addition, in my work creating and launching websites for clients, I take the role of editorial project manager, managing content creation or revision, assigning deadlines, ensuring product quality, and taking responsibility for all content decisions before launch. If you'd like to discuss how I can bring order and accountability to your editorial project, please contact me.


In addition to providing these services, I also frequently work with companies to create strategy. If you have a large editorial project, website or product launch, or new marketing initiative, I can serve as your representative and coordinate other vendors and contractors.  I find this relationship works quite well for many companies that are happy with the services of their current vendors, but do not have the time or experience to fully manage the relationship. As your consultant, I am paid a flat fee for the management of a project, which ensures that I represent your best interests, not the solution that is most profitable for your contractor. Because of the high-touch nature of this consulting, I am only able to take a very limited number of clients at any one time.  Please contact me as soon as possible  if you believe your company will benefit from my oversight.