Publications and Projects

This is an incomplete list, as some of the titles escape me and some titles are not available online.  All links open PDF documents, most of which are small and fast, but be aware. Projects Of the three projects I managed at LexisNexis, one was sold to ProQuest, once has ceased publication, but the final publication continues.  I no longer work on the remaining project. Environment Abstracts-This product has ceased publication after being sold to ProQuest.  I manged this project for 18 months as LexisNexis worked to divest the publication.  I managed this project in addition to my regular workload, and continued to meet all monthly production deadlines during the 18 months of management.  My work was recognized as essential in keeping the product viable and increasing the probability of acquisition by another company.  Upon acquiring this product, ProQuest blended the data into their existing products. British Documents on Foreign Affairs-This yearly publication drew on documents from Her Majesty's Archives and depended on the work of UK based general and series editors.  The publication ceased production upon completion of Part V, covering 1951-1956. Landmark Briefs and Arguments of the Supreme Court of the United States-This publication continues today.  Every year, professional constitutional law scholars work with ProQuest to compile a list of the most important cases before the Court.  These cases, briefs, and arguments are published in a bound volume.  I managed all aspects of this publication, from consulting with editors, to acquiring the documents, creating the publication files, and quality checking the proofs before publication.  Occasionally, I also contributed to the document cleaning and processing workflow. Writing for the Web If you're interested in reading what I have written for the web, here's a simple list of all my articles on my personal blog, all the articles I've written for, and a few articles I've contributed at The Digitel Beaufort.