More about Home Based Employees

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I spend a lot of time thinking about home-based employees, having spent the last five years working remotely from Beaufort, SC while my teammates and coworkers are located in Bethesda, MD. As I was thinking and planning this post, I looked back at some of my previous thoughts on this issue. I located this short […]

Are You Very Engaged at Work? You’re Likely a Horrible Employee.

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I’ve mentioned before how I like to use Evernote in my daily life to archive and triage incoming information for later processing. Today was the day to sort out the triage folder, which is a pain, but it’s really great to find some of the older things I’ve wanted to read and haven’t gotten to […]

Yahoo! and Working From Home


Below you’ll find my comments from a discussion I’m having with some classmates in my Organizational Research class: I have been following Mayer’s decisions and would be very interested in seeing the data they used to make that decision.  I really hope it works for them, as I have been a Yahoo! fan for years, […]

Why Don’t We Do Great Things?

I’ve been battling this question for a while now, but it’s come to a head in the last week or so.  Maybe it was the death of Neil Armstrong.  I wonder, why don’t we do great things anymore.  By we, I mean personally and collectively. We’ve become a nation of punters.  No longer do we […]

What is Organizational Leadership?

Since I announced my entry into the Gonzaga online Organizational Leadership MA program, I’ve heard this question a number of times.  My flippant response is that it’s a MA in Catholic Socialism, largely based on my first class that included Paulo Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed. To date, I’ve completed two classes and am moving […]

What’s Going On

So, in the past year or so, I’ve developed a number of sites that focus on my unique interests and have been blogging and writing on these sites.  This includes our newest project, Our Debt Year, a blog following our journey to being debt free by the end of the year.  If you’re interested in […]