More about Home Based Employees

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I spend a lot of time thinking about home-based employees, having spent the last five years working remotely from Beaufort, SC while my teammates and coworkers are located in Bethesda, MD. As I was thinking and planning this post, I looked back at some of my previous thoughts on this issue. I located this short […]

A Year with a Stand Up Desk

Stand Up Desk Resized

It’s been a bit over a year since I built an IKEA DIY Stand Up Desk. If you’re interested in a few bad pictures, here they are. Today, here’s what my desk looks like: There’s a lot to be said about the standup desk. First, Don Rumsfeld uses one, and I can’t help but to […]

Does Networking Make You A Dirtball? Probably.

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I had a great conversation with a close friend a few weeks ago. We’re both in the same industry and we quickly started talking about how many people in this business are all hat and no cattle. It’s not that my friend and I are perfect or know all there is to know about our […]

Are You Very Engaged at Work? You’re Likely a Horrible Employee.

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I’ve mentioned before how I like to use Evernote in my daily life to archive and triage incoming information for later processing. Today was the day to sort out the triage folder, which is a pain, but it’s really great to find some of the older things I’ve wanted to read and haven’t gotten to […] Calendar and Googlebot-Bandwidth Issues


Tl:dr version: If’s All-in-One Event Calendar is installed on your site and Googlebot or Slurp, or whatever spider/crawler is blowing up your bandwidth, use the robots.txt file to block access to the events listings and you’ll sort yourself out fast. Recently I’ve used a new plugin called All-in-One Event Calendar. The free version […]