Stories: One Bank Account

checking accounts

Telling stories is what bloggers do, and most bloggers tell stories because the people in their lives are tired of hearing least that's what my wife thinks.  As we move along in this process, we'll occasionally take a detour to story time.  This gives me the chance to … [Read more...]

Have a Clear Goal and Vision


The journey you’ve embarked on isn’t like anything you’ve ever done before. This isn’t a New Year’s Resolution or a fad diet. This is a lifestyle change that requires work, dedication, and commitment. Without a clear vision and a clear goal, you will never be able to muster the … [Read more...]

Setting Reasonable Financial Goals

financial goals

When we got married, Heather was interested in living overseas and serving as a Mission Coworker for the Presbyterian Church (USA). With $90,000 of debt, we both knew this would be impossible. So, we made a commitment to take control of our debt and change our financial situation … [Read more...]

Financial Status Check

erase debt

On Wednesday, we discussed understanding your financial situation.  The first step to being debt free is stopping the bleeding.  Quit adding to your credit cards, quit spending money you don't have.  Today, we're going to take a deeper look at your financial situation and start … [Read more...]