Stories: One Bank Account

checking accounts

Telling stories is what bloggers do, and most bloggers tell stories because the people in their lives are tired of hearing them…at least that’s what my wife thinks.  As we move along in this process, we’ll occasionally take a detour to story time.  This gives me the chance to share some personal aspects of our […]

Great Article in The Economist

economist cover

Well, book review, but nonetheless.  I think the review is worth a read, and certainly consider check the book out at the library. I think it’s important to understand the motivation of people when they give you financial advice.  That’s why you should only use fee, not commission, based financial services.  You should also read […]

Have a Clear Goal and Vision


The journey you’ve embarked on isn’t like anything you’ve ever done before. This isn’t a New Year’s Resolution or a fad diet. This is a lifestyle change that requires work, dedication, and commitment. Without a clear vision and a clear goal, you will never be able to muster the focus and determination to get there. […]

Month in Review

We’ve made it through one month of living on cash, and I’m pleased to say that we’ve done really well. We completely blew the gas budget because of an unusually high amount of work-related driving, but otherwise we stayed right on target. I can only think of one “unauthorized” purchase that came out of the […]

Restaurant Week (or Dining on a Budget)

Last weekend we headed up to Charleston for the Charleston 1/2 Marathon. The race happened to fall on the first weekend of Charleston Restaurant Week. Lots of cities have restaurant weeks this time of year, and most of the time it is a great value. Case in point . . . We made a reservation […]

Getting a Second Job

Earlier this week, I mentioned that you need a second job.  Here are a number of ways you can get started today on increasing your income: Ask for a raise-I know this isn’t really a second job, but one of the quickest ways to increase your income is to reach out to your boss for […]